Located in the historic center of Cafayate, one block from the central square, surrounded by patios, galleries and a park, the visitor who arrives discovers the multispace; It brings together hospitality, gastronomy and culture in the union of two typical 19th century mansions, which are part of the architectural and cultural heritage of Cafayate.

On the one hand, Vieja Posada, which was in its beginnings an educational establishment and with the passage of time a place that concentrated the weavers and artisans of the town known as La Tejeduría.

On the other hand, Casa Lávaque, residence of Pedro Lávaque and his family; Syrian Lebanese immigrant who settled in the valley and became a pioneer and driver of progress, bringing the first electric generator to the region on muleback.

The development of the venture began in 2005 with the objective of recycling these old properties and transforming them into a space that maintains the spirit, history and identity; inviting the guest to relax in a warm and silent environment. In addition, its architectural environment allows you to experience the combination between the native, colonial and contemporary; where love for design and art are the essence of the place.

The multispace offers the comfort and services for holding different events:

Work meetings, anniversary and business parties, social events, Work Shop, workshops, training, Coffee Break, Outdoors days.

We invite you to be part of our space, discovering that it can provide you with both a place of work and rest.